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Wendi Adair
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PAS 4096

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Anika Sehgal

I am working on a meta-analysis which investigates the experiences of Indigenous peoples in the workplace. This meta-analysis will tie together the vast literature surrounding barriers to finding employment and workplace experiences of Indigenous peoples. Additionally, Indigenous methodologies will be incorporated to provide a unique perspective on the findings and create a collaborative relationship.

Le Wang

My undergraduate thesis is about culture, communication context, and negotiation. Specifically, under the supervision of Dr. Wendi Adair, I'm examining the impact of communication context dependence and different contextual cues in a negotiation setting. This research will give insights to how negotiators communicate strategically.

Adam Adivi

I am currently working on studying how culture and it's aspects affect how individuals respond to conflict and restorations attempts in the context of a negotiation. Beyond that I am interested in how personality, culture, and mood affect people in professional contexts. 

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