MMath Statistics - Data Science Specialization

Admission Requirements

Applicants to the Data Science specialization in Statistics should satisfy the admission requirements of the Master of Mathematics in Statistics degree programs: 

• Honours bachelor degree in Statistics, Mathematics, or related degree with a minimum overall B+ (78%) average from a recognized university 

• A background in calculus, linear algebra, and computer science 

• Experience in a senior level computer science course is preferable, but not required

Structure and Length

The Data Science specialization in Computer Science and in Statistics will have a common structure but a different emphasis depending on which specialization students are admitted to, their skill sets, and interests. Students will graduate with advanced training in both Computer Science and Statistics, taking a combination of required and elective courses that provide a solid foundation in this emerging area. 

The MMath Statistics, Data Science specialization consists of eight one-term graduate courses. Students may elect to take an optional internship position for one term. The expected duration is three terms (four if internship is included).


All Statistics Data Science students should take a minimum of 4 STAT courses, and no courses that are neither CS nor STAT 

One foundational course to be completed in the Fall (entry) term. 

• CS 600 Fundamentals of Computer Science for Data Science (non-CS major background). 

Two common core courses: 

• STAT 847 Exploratory Data Analysis 

• CS 631 Data-Intensive Distributed Analysis 

One required breadth course: 

• STAT 841 Statistical Learning: Classification 

• STAT 842 Data Visualization 

• STAT 844 Statistical Learning: Function estimation 

Data Science students must take four additional elective courses from a list of selected graduate courses in the 600, 700, and 800-level series in Computer Science, and the 800 and 900-level series in Statistics.