Supplementary Information Form (SIF)

The SIF is a one of the supporting documents that makes up your application. It is used to ask program specific questions and may include a statement of interest.

After you apply

  • You will receive an email from us with instructions for uploading your supporting documents.

Completing the SIF

  • The SIF will time out after 10 minutes of inactivity in Quest, so prepare your answers in advance.
  • Enter your answers in the text box for each question or prepare your answers in Microsoft Word and then cut and paste into the SIF text box.
  • The form can be saved multiple times and then finally submitted.
  • The SIF has word count of 500 words, but some software programs (i.e. Microsoft Word) may increase word counts based on additional characters. You can re-count your words by using a word-count website or edit your answers to have fewer words.