Different types of documentation are required at various stages of the application process.  For more information on transcript requirements please review the following:

Applying to Waterloo

When applying to Waterloo you are required to declare on your application all academic education from all past and present universities, colleges and post-secondary institutions attended.  In addition to completed degrees, diplomas and post-secondary certificates, programs that are currently in progress, incomplete studies, non-degree studies/courses, transfer credit courses, and online courses must be declared. Your complete post-secondary educational history is required by the academic department in a review and evaluation of your application. Failure to declare all education may delay a review of your application file.

Types of education / transcripts

Declare on application Upload to Quest
  • Transcript of all completed degree(s), diplomas, or post-secondary certificates showing all courses and grades, and the awarding of the degree, diploma, or post-secondary certificate
  • Transcript of all in-progress courses and grades for degree, diploma or post-secondary certificate
  • Transcript for incomplete education showing all courses and grades (i.e., you started a degree or diploma, but did not complete it)
  • Transcript for education that was transferred to another institution (i.e., you received transfer credit)
  • Transcript for non-degree, post-degree, and online post-secondary education
Yes Yes
  • All University of Waterloo education completed or in progress

No - we will upload a copy of your Waterloo transcript

  • Exchange courses taken as part of your degree
  • Courses taken on a Letter of Permission (Canadian Universities) as part of your degree program are not required as they would normally appear on your home institution transcript.
  • Credentials, such as professional designations, certificates, training programs, etc.
  • Free online courses/tutorials (no credit granted)
No No

NOTE:  We will not replace copies of transcripts if new grades are added since you first provided a copy to Waterloo.

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Uploading your documents

A copy of your transcript is required for all post-secondary academic education and needs to be uploaded through Quest. 

  • Copies of transcripts must display your full name, academic program and the university's name along with transcript legends/keys/grading scales.
  • All courses and grades, along with the transcript legends/keys/grading scales and degree certificates, if applicable, must be included.
  • One file per institution can be uploaded (if you completed more than one degree at the same institution, both transcripts must be in a single file).
  • The file name should not include brackets ( ), quotations ' ' or any special characters, and the character length should be kept short.
  • To reduce your file size, try using a lower resolution and scanning in black and white instead of colour. 

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Canadian Institutions

  • Waterloo will accept transcripts issued in either English or French from Canadian institutions only. A translation is not required.
  • Remember to include the transcript legend normally found on the back of your transcript. 

International Education

  • If the official language of instruction at your institution is not English, please include both the original language document and a certified English translation for the transcript and degree certificate/diploma.
  • Remember to include the official grading scale or transcript legend.

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After you apply

Updating your previous education

It is important to remember that you are required to declare all academic education from all past and present universities, colleges and post-secondary institutions attended on your application. 

  • If you did not declare some of your previous education, send an email to gradapp@uwaterloo.ca with the following information:

Subject line: Education Update Required
Waterloo student ID number:
Field of study:
Date attended (from date):
Date attended (to date):
Graduated/expected/completed (date):
Self-declared overall average:
Institution website:

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