What motivates some of the world's brightest minds to pursue graduate education?

Nyasha Gondora - Pharmacy PhD candidate. GRADimpact - helping to understand the impact of stress on the brain

Jason Deglint - Systems Design Engineering PhD candidate. GRADimpact: leveraging the power of artificial intelligence for safe, clean water


At the University of Waterloo, our graduate students transform and disrupt the status quo by mobilizing their academic advancements with an unmatched entrepreneurial spirit to the betterment of society, and themselves.

Waterloo's ecosystem of experiential learning, applied research, and creator owned IP uniquely positions our students to create truly revolutionary outcomes.

This is GRADimpact.

Come and let's work collectively to make your visions reality, at the University of Waterloo.

--  Prof. Jeff Casello - Associate Vice President, Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs

Laura Healey - Kinesiology MSc candidate. GRADimpact: preventing injuries and optimizing performance with biomechanics

Mitchell Kay - Biology PhD candidate. GRADimpact: creating a baseline to measure natural variation caused by development in northern Alberta

Andrea Minano - Geography PhD candidate. GRADimpact: using 3D visualization to help illustrate the effects of climate change

Gustavo Tondello - Computer Science PhD candidate. GRADimpact: personalizing pursuasive apps to help achieve our goals 

Andria Bianchi - Applied Philosophy PhD grad. GRADimpact: helping to better understand sexual consent for people with dementia



GRADflix is a research communication opportunity for Waterloo graduate students. Participants create a video, moving slide show, or animation of no longer than 60 seconds (one minute) in length that describes their research.The top videos are shown at a red-carpet screening where judges choose the winners based on communication, creativity and visual impact, and technical quality. The audience also selects a people's choice award winner.

1st place winner: Fraser King - Geography and Environmental management

3rd place and people's choice award winner: Siyavash Izadi - Kinesiology

Mostafa Alizadeh - Electrical and Computer Engineering

2nd place: Jason Lajoie - English Language and Literature

Kristina Ellis - Pharmacy                                                   

Rina Wehbe - Computer Science

 Three-Minute Thesis (3MT)

The 3MT competition is another opportunity for Waterloo graduate students to share their research. The challenge is to explain the breadth and significance of their research - to a non-specialist audience - with just three minutes and one static slide. 

In January 2019, we caught up with these former 3MT competitors. Find out what Greg (Chemical Engineering), Emmanuel (Vision Science), Demetri (Applied Math), Julie (Environment and Resource Studies), Yourie (Psychology), and Matt (Kinesiology) are doing now.


GRADtalks is a series of research talks featuring two University of Waterloo doctoral students, speaking about a common theme from their research perspectives. 

View a shortened version of the April 2019 event, and read about other students whose research relates to technology and health.