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Naima Samuel

Naima Samuel

MA student, Graduate Student Association President

Naima is an MA student in Recreation and Leisure Studies, focusing on educational tourism. She also serves as President of the Graduate Student Association (2018-19)

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Tianyi Liu

Tianyi Liu

Master of Quantitative Finance (MQF) candidate

“MQF is such a great program,” says Tianyi. “It’s a good combination of studying, researching, and finding a job – doing an internship.”

Bryn McAuley

Bryn McAuley

Master of Arts candidate in Global Governance

What do cartoon characters Caillou, Harriet Turtle from Franklin, Mavis from Hotel Transylvania, and dozens more have in common? They were all brought to life by talented voice actor Bryn McAuley - who is also a master’s student in Global Governance at the University of Waterloo.

Steve Phillips

Steve Phillips

Doctoral candidate in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Mitacs intern

Through the Mitacs internship program, Steve spent five months at Clearpath Robotics working on outdoor navigation for robotics.

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Ahmad Abdi

Ahmad Abdi

Doctoral candidate in Combinatorics and Optimization

Ahmad Abdi says that Waterloo's tight connection with the tech industry in the region is just one reason why C&O grad students have no trouble finding jobs in their field when they graduate.

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Julie Data standing in front the the Canadain Cancer Society sign and logo.

Julie Datta

Manager, Screening Saves Lives at Canadian Cancer Society and Master of Social Work candidate

I didn’t want to do full-time grad studies and have to quit my job, so it was really appealing to me that I could keep working while pursuing this degree on the side. I also think Waterloo has a really great reputation and when you have a degree from Waterloo it says something - it’s high quality.

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Hong Gao

Hong Gao

Master of Health Informatics candidate

Living in Toronto with a family, the life/study balance is very important. The fact that I can study from anywhere and control how I work is very valuable to me.

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Shahid working in his lab conducting research.

Shahid Haider

Doctoral candidate in Systems Design Engineering

Shahid was once told “Systems is how you see the world. Design is how you change it.” Find out what motivates him and why Waterloo’s Systems Design Engineering program was the right choice for him.

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Alin sitting in a restaurant on campus with his laptop.

Alin Herciu

Master of Science candidate in Public Health and Health Systems

Learn about how Canadian Institutes of Health Research Fredrick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarship recipient Alin is working to prevent binge drinking among teens. 

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Lindsay Kalbfleisch in CIF with basketball players in the background.

Lindsay Kalbfleisch

Master of Arts alumna in Recreation and Leisure Studies

Lindsay is a MA Recreation and Leisure Studies alumna who's research focused on the marginalization experiences of gay men in team sports.

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Nathalie Moon

Nathalie Moon

Doctoral candidate in Biostatistics

With a wide range of courses and a number of faculty members who are real leaders in the field of statistics, both in Canada and internationally, Waterloo was the obvious choice for Nathalie – for both her master’s and doctoral studies. 

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Taylor Maavara

Taylor Maavara

Doctoral candidate in Earth Sciences

Camping trips with her dad and guiding canoe trips in Alberta fuelled Taylor Maavara's love of earth sciences.

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Andrew McLaughlin

Andrew McLaughlin

Public Affairs Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces and Doctoral candidate in History

Andrew splits his time between researching United States military public affairs policy and operations and working as a reservist with the Canadian Armed Forces himself. Find out what made Waterloo the ideal choice for his doctoral studies.

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Shawn Prasad

Shawn Prasad

Health Equity Planner at Niagara Region and Master of Health Evaluation candidate

Shawn Prasad chose the online Master of Health Evaluation program so he could continue to pursue his career while studying.

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Jose is sitting on a bench outside on campus working on his laptop.

Jose Rodriguez Alvarez

Master of Applied Environmental Studies candidate in Local Economic Development

Canada’s cultural diversity and the quality of our post-secondary education were a few of the reasons Jose considered Canada as a potential destination for his master’s studies. When he looked at Waterloo’s dynamic Local Economic Development (LED) program, he fell in love with it.

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Shoeleh working in the lab on her research.

Shoeleh Shams

Doctoral candidate in Civil & Environmental Engineering

Shoeleh is taking advantage of the outstanding resources and research-focused atmosphere here at Waterloo, while working to counter the effects of climate change and aging infrastructure on our drinking water.

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Mat Vaughan at his Hounds of Eerie vinyard.

Mat Vaughan

Senior Planner at Norfolk County and Master of Planning candidate

Mat is a Senior Registered Professional Planner (RPP) with Norfolk County who already had a lot on the go when he decided to add master's student to the list. Learn why the online Master of Planning program works for Mat.

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Robyn Walter at Settlement Co. coffee shop in Uptown Waterloo.

Robyn Walter

Strategy and Program Consultant at Ministry of Finance, Ontario Public Service and Master of Arts candidate in Political Science

Robyn liked that at Waterloo it was clear that she would be able to pursue her own passions and interests in her research and her studies. Discover what else made Waterloo the right fit for her master's studies.

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Shirley standing in a lab where she does her research.

Shirley Wong

Doctoral candidate at the School of Pharmacy

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship recipient Shirley discovered that the School of Pharmacy produces more than just pharmacists. As a PhD student Shirley is immersed in the burgeoning field of biotechnology developing a gene therapy to treat ovarian cancer.

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Sarah standing in front of the living wall in Environment 3.

Sarah Brown

Doctoral candidate in the School of Planning

Reputation, innovation and unparalleled opportunities are what Sarah has found here as a PhD student at the School of Planning at Waterloo. Find out how a love of music led Sarah to a research focus in urban sound and how we use sound to drown out the noise.

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Jason sitting in a lecture theatre.

Jason Angel

Master of Environmental Studies

Jason's research is focused on how accessibility can be improved with a smart phone application and a management system with the goal of bringing greater attention to accessibility in larger, community settings. 

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