Established in 1957, the University of Waterloo has quickly positioned itself as a leader in transformational research, entrepreneurship and innovation. 

Waterloo's academic advantage

 As a graduate student, you'll benefit from Waterloo's:

5,992Waterloo graduate students
35%are PhD students
Applied Health SciencesArtsEngineeringEnvironmentMathematicsScience

Associate Vice President Jeff Casello explains why students pursue a graduate degree, what sets Waterloo students apart, and what makes Waterloo a special place for graduate students.

Canada's #1 comprehensive research universityResearch Infosource Inc.
27 yearsin a row as Canada's most innovative university
#1 in Canada for hands-on, experiential learningMaclean's ranking of comprehensive universities

Research is an integral and intensive area at the University of Waterloo. Researchers attracted more than $224 million from public and private sources in 2017-2018 to fund research across a spectrum of challenges. Browse UWSpace, the Waterloo institutional repository for research and scholarship - including graduate student theses.
Waterloo's research partners are diverse and impactful:
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Waterloo leads in the translation of knowledge to application. The University's creator-owned IP policy has produced 247 researcher-owned patents. In 2018, Pitchbook reported that 408 Waterloo entrepreneurs have raised $7.4B.

QS ranks the University of Waterloo in the top 50 globally for Computer Science and Information Systems, Engineering and Technology, Hospitality and Leisure Management, and Mathematics.

US News and World Report ranks Waterloo as the best university for Computer Science and the second best for Engineering in Canada.

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