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Study and living costs

The following information has been compiled to provide you with estimates of the costs you may encounter while you are a graduate student at the University of Waterloo. These amounts are approximate, and should be used only as a guide.  Individual costs may vary depending on factors including your lifestyle, marital status, program of study, etc.

An academic term is four months. Graduate students register for three academic terms in each calendar year: fall (September – December), winter (January – April) and spring (May – August). 

Tuition and Fees

These costs are normally subject to change on an annual basis by the University of Waterloo.  Tuition and fees are based on a four month term. Note: This is not a fee bill.

The graduate fee schedules are available online from the University of Waterloo Student Finance office.

  • Students admitted to a Qualifying or Non-degree program pay fees at the per-course fee corresponding to their program.

Living Costs

The following costs reflect average current costs for a single person living in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.  Living expense costs are based on a four month term

Cost types – per term


Housing (room/one bedroom apartment)


Books and supplies (varies by course and program)

$ 500 – 1,000


$1,600 – 2,100

Other (transportation, entertainment, personal)

$1,500 – 2,000


$6,265 - $7,765/term

Total Costs per year

Cost types – yearly (three terms)


Tuition and fees – yearly


Living expenses – yearly

$18,795 - $23,295

Total (per year)

$27,150 - $31,650

*Columbia Lake Village-North (CLV-North)

**Some programs have higher fees

All costs are accurate as of September 2014, but can change at any time. All costs are in Canadian dollars (CAD); 2014/2015 fees.