About Digital Arts Communication

hands with digital chip and laptop in background

Digital Arts Communication (DAC) is offered as a Minor for Arts students.

Digital Arts Communication students learn how to design with digital images, hypertext, sound, and video. And most important, they learn to design, develop, and test media for a wide variety of businesses and professions, ranging from the high-tech sector, to corporate communications, to the creative industries.

So why take Digital Arts Communication? Because digital technologies are rapidly changing how we communicate - both in our personal and professional lives. Using digital technologies, professionals in almost every field need to reach more people, using richer media, in more interactive ways. The Digital Arts Communication minor provides students with the knowledge and skills required to design communication for an increasingly digital world.

What DAC students have done

Victoria Stacey - founding editor of Passion8 magazine

Tallen Kay - producer at Arc Media

Matt Neill - founder of POET (Point of Experience Technology)

Andrew Askes and Jon Lucas - co-founders of Arc Media

Professors Glenn Stillar, Dave Goodwin, and Jill Tomasson-Goodwin, made the biggest impact on my education and career path. The consistent support and mentorship of Professor Stillar played a very big part in making my undergraduate experience at Waterloo unique, engaging, and applicable to my career.”

- Jon Lucas (BA Liberal Arts), founding co-director, Arc Media

Students at uWaterloo who are interested in a career in digital media should get involved in the DAC program, as well as REAP. Extremely passionate professors that want to see students succeed run both of these programs, and they’ve played an integral part in getting our business off the ground.”

- Andrew Askes (BA Economics), founding co-director, Arc Media