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Production Auditions

We typically produce two to three main shows per year - in November and March on the main stage Theatre of the Arts, and every other year in June. Auditions usually happen in the first week of the term but occasionally auditions for winter shows happen late in the fall term and auditions for the spring show happen late in the winter term. Audition requirements are posted below as well as on the Call Board outside ML 135 a few weeks ahead.

There may also be student projects for directing courses or thesis projects which require actors from time to time. Check the Call Board for information.  Notifications are also posted to the UWaterloo Theatre & Performance Facebook page.


Q: Do you have to be a Theatre and Performance major or minor to audition?

A: Any student from any Faculty and year level is welcome to audition.  Please note that acting in the production is NOT an extra-curricular activity – it is a course.  The course is dependent on which character you are playing as the lead roles require more rehearsal time than the supporting roles for this production.  Some roles are a 0.5 credit (1 course) while others are 1.0 credits (2 courses).  

Q: When are rehearsals usually scheduled?

A: Normally there are 2 weekday evening rehearsals (4 hrs each) and a 7 hr rehearsal on Saturdays.  These rehearsals are scheduled in Quest and are part of your course schedule.

Q: Are there other time commitments outside of rehearsal?

A: Students are also required to attend a 1 hr class meeting time with the course instructor (director of the production) once a week.  There are readings, writing assignments and preparation that must be done outside of rehearsal times as well.

During technical rehearsal and performance weeks (weeks 9 & 10 of the term), you should expect to be working up to 6 evenings per week and on Saturdays. Most students have course conflicts with matinee performances during performance week, so they need to miss some classes in other courses that week. 

Auditions for Winter production of Arresting Rape Culture

Everyone interested in participating in the Arresting Rape Culture (ARC) production process in Winter 2017 (performers, designers/heads, and dramaturgs) should follow the application process described below.

General Information: 

Participation in the Fall 2016 development courses for ARC is not a requirement for admission to the Winter 2017 production courses. 

To continue the collaborative development process that began in Fall 2016, there will be ongoing collaboration between Sections 1 (Performance) and 2 (Design and Technical Production) throughout the Winter 2017 term. We will not be offering section 3, because all students will be involved in creation dramaturgy. 

Students will first apply for admission to the ARC company. By the end of the first week of the winter 2017 term, successful students will be assigned either to Section 1 (Performance) or to Section 2 (Design and Technical Production). 

All production participation roles in both sections will be full 1.0 unit commitments. Students will be enrolled in either DRAMA 317 or DRAMA 417. DRAMA 307 and DRAMA 407 will not be offered in Winter 2017. No student may be enrolled in both Section 1 and Section 2. 

NOTE: The schedule for section 2 will shift approximately half way through the term. For the first half of term, section 2 students will be called on Thursday evenings and Friday afternoons; for the second half, section 2 students will be called only on Friday afternoons. 

Application process: 

Complete the application form and return it to Janelle Rainville in hard copy to ML 122 or by email by Monday, November 28th at 10 a.m. As always, you may rank your preferred roles. 

There will be no traditional audition process. Some students may be called for a 15-minute performance exploration with Andy Houston on Thursday 1 December, between 5:30-10 pm. Not everyone eligible for section 1 will be called (so don’t worry if you are not called). Some students who do not normally think of themselves as performers may be called (so don’t worry if you are called). 


Email Janelle Rainville