The below list is preliminary and correct as of the week of May 18; the most up-to-date (week of May 25) company breakdown, reflecting in-rehearsal changes, can be downloaded here.



1. Sam Beuerle

Henry Beaufort, the Bishop of Winchester / Soldier Crying 'A Talbot' (2.1b) / Captain Who Backs Talbot and Later Meets Falstaff (2.2a, 2.3a, 3.2d) / Watch Who Speaks With Joan in French (3.2a) 

2. Rebecca Birrell

John of Lancaster, Duke of Bedford / Mortimer, Earl of March / Gunner of Orleans / Sir William Lucy / Servant who sees Young Talbot's body (4.5a) / Shepherd who Claims to be Father to Joan (5.5a)

3. Jessica Blondin

Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester

4. Mollie Garrett

Richard Plantagenet, later the Duke of York /Gloucester's Servant who argues with the Tower Warder (1.3a)

5. Erik Van Dijk

Lord Talbot, later the First Earl of Shrewsbury


6. Alex Carruthers

Philip, The Duke of Burgundy / Richard Woodville, Lieutenant of the Tower  / Sir Thomas Gargrave / Mortimer's Jailer (2.5a)

7. Carly Derderian

Charles, Dauphin of France and the future King Charles VII / Mortimer's Keeper (2.5a) / Bassett

8. Carleigh MacDonald

Reignier, Duke of Anjou and King of Naples and Jerusalem / Vernon 

9. Daniel Ruginets

Richard Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick / Tower Warder who flouts Gloucester (1.3a-b) / Sir William Glansdale

10. Cameron Smith

William de la Pole, the Earl of Suffolk / Thomas de Montague, Earl of Salisbury 

11. Adam Winchester

Jean de Dunois, the Bastard of Orleans / The Mayor of London (1.3c, 3.1a) 


12. Celena Alcock

Henry VI, King of England and Disputed King of France / Gunner’s Boy / French Sergeant in charge of the Battlements in Orleans (2.1a)

13. Chantaine Green-Leach

John Beaufort, Duke of Somerset / Soldier who Sneaks into Rouen with Joan (3.2a) / French Sentinel who raises the alarm on the Battlements in Orleans (2.1a) / Porter to the Countess of Auvergne (2.3a) 

14. Emma Mann

Countess of Auvergne / John Talbot, young Son to Lord Talbot / Margaret of Anjou, future Queen of England 

15. Alan Shonfield

Joan La Pucelle, commonly known as Joan of Arc 




Alan Shonfield (Messenger 1, 1.1a; Messenger 7 4.3a), Celena Alcock (Messenger 2, 1.1a; Messenger 5, 2.2a, 2.3a), Mollie Garrett (Messenger 3, 1.1a; Messenger 4, 1.4c), Emma Mann (Messenger 6, 4.3a)

Citizens (3.1a-b)

Emma Mann (Citizen 1: Gloucester's Faction), Erik Van Dijk (Citizen 2: Winchester's Faction), Carleigh MacDonald (Citizen 3: Gloucester's Faction)



BATTLE 1 (after 1.2a)

English Soldiers: Garrett, Mann

French Soldiers: CarruthersAlcock, Green-Leach, Beuerle, Shonfield

BATTLE 2 (after 1.4c)

English Soldiers: Beuerle, Garrett, Mann

French Soldiers: Alcock, Green-Leach

BATTLE 3 (after 1.5c)

English Soldiers: Beuerle, Ruginets, Carruthers, Garrett

French Soldiers: Alcock, Green-Leach

BATTLE 4 (after 3.2b)

English Soldiers: Ruginets, Carruthers, Mann

French Soldiers: Beuerle, Alcock, Green-Leach

BATTLE 5 (after 3.2c)

English Soldiers: Ruginets, Smith, Mann

French Soldiers: BeuerleAlcock, Green-Leach

BATTLE 6 (after 3.2d)

English Soldiers: Beuerle, Ruginets, Smith, Mann

BATTLE 7 (after 4.4a)

English Soldiers: Birrell, Ruginets, Carruthers, 

French Soldiers: Beuerle

BATTLE 8 (after 4.4b)

English Soldiers: Birrell, Ruginets, Carruthers, Garrett, Green-Leach

BATTLE 9 (after 5.2a)

English Soldiers: Birrell, Garrett, Green-Leach

BATTLE 10 (after 5.3a)

English Soldiers: Birrell, Green-Leach

French Soldiers: Beuerle


Non-Battle Soldiery

1.2a: French Soldiers: Shonfield, Beuerle, Green-Leach, Carruthers

1.4b: English Soldiers: Ruginets, Garrett, Mann

1.4c: English Soldiers: Ruginets, Mann

1.6a: French Soldiers: Alcock, Green-Leach

2.1a: English Soldiers: Ruginets, Garrett

2.2a: English Soldiers: Ruginets, Carruthers, Winchester, Garrett

2.3a: English Soldiers: Blondin, Winchester

3.2a: French Soldiers: Alcock

3.2e: English Soldiers: Ruginets, Smith

3.4a: English Soldiers: Mann

4.2a: English Soldiers: Smith, Mann

4.5a: English Soldiers: Ruginets, Garrett, Green-Leach

5.3b: English Soldiers: Birrell, Green-Leach; French Soldiers: Beuerle


Silent Roles

Pallbearers (1.1a)

Alex Carruthers, Emma Mann

Mayor's Officer (1.3c)

Carleigh Macdonald 

York's Soldiers (4.3a)

Carly Derderian, Carleigh MacDonald, Daniel Ruginets

Somerset's Soldiers (4.3b)

Carly Derderian, Carleigh MacDonald, Daniel Ruginets, Alan Shonfield

Gloucester's Servants in the Tower Skirmish (1.3a-c)

Mollie Garrett, Emma Mann

Gloucester's Servants in the Tower Skirmish (1.3a-b)

Rebecca Birrell, Celena Alcock (both exit after 1.3b)

Winchester's Servants in the Tower Skirmish (1.3b-c)

Erik Van Dijk, Chantaine Green-Leach

Fiends (5.3a)

Jessica Blondin, Erik Van Dijk, Daniel Ruginets, Celena Alcock, Emma Mann

Ambassadors (5.1a)

Mollie Garrett, Chantaine Green-Leach



Employment Opportunity for Sessional Instructors

The Speech Communication program at the University of Waterloo is searching for several new sessional instructors to teach core communication courses.  Based in a liberal arts faculty with high national and international standards, the Speech Communication program currently serves approximately 150 majors, 50 minors, and delivers many sections of communication courses to four Faculties from across the University.

Sessional instructors could teach up to three sections per academic term of the following courses: Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, Science Communication, or Communication in the Engineering Professions. Each of these courses include emphases on foundational communication competencies and are designed to align with the Speech Communication program objectives. More information on the Speech Communication program can be found here:

Interested instructors should have a PhD or be working toward completing a PhD, and should send a CV and a brief letter of interest that addresses qualifications and teaching philosophy to:

Dr. Robert Danisch

Chair, Department of Drama and Speech Communication

University of Waterloo

200 University Avenue West

Waterloo, Ontario N2L 3G1