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Why study with us?

In the Department of Drama and Speech Communication, our approach to learning is guided by four principles:

  • We all - faculty, staff, students - talk to one another. We disagree, ask questions, reflect, and struggle together with ideas and their practical applications.
  • We bring ideas and practice together in every part of our work. We seek out theories that have a fit with real life.
  • We believe that students have important things to say and do, and that you will continue to make a difference to how people live throughout your education here and in the future.
  • We believe that caring changes learning. What matters to you will affect the ways you learn and the ways you use your education.

Application procedures​

The Department of Drama and Speech Communication offers two undergraduate programs and one minor. All Theatre and Performance and Speech Communication students are admitted to the Faculty of Arts in their first year and declare a major towards the end of that year.

All prospective majors in Theatre and Performance or Speech Communication are encouraged to meet with an Undergraduate Advisor prior to submitting a Plan Modification form in order to officially declare your major. For general admissions procedures, open house information and further information, see the Find Out More website.

For the minor in Digital Arts Communication, students must be a Faculty of Arts student.

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In the Department of Drama and Speech Communication, I learned dedication, hard work, and integrity. I came to appreciate what it means to live, learn, work in, and be a contributing member of a diverse community. These are the same skills and principles I attempt to engender in my own students... how to respond, how to live."

- Dante Labriola, High School Teacher