Accent Resources


So, you have to attempt a French accent...


Start below, at the International Dialects of English Archive...


May 29 Update:

With thanks to Paul Hopkins, check out French economist Thomas Piketty on the Intelligence Squared podcast:

May 21 Update:

With thanks to Adam Winchester, here are a few new useful resources for French Accents that might be of further use to you!

Wikihow's 'How to Do a Credible French Accent'

French Accent Tips: A Rambling Muse Short

Tips on how to do a French Accent!! by Claire ​Verstraete

May 18 Update:

French Soldiers in Shakespeare and the Queen's Men's Famous Victories of Henry V.  

If password is requested, enter sqm as username, and shakespeare as password.

Then, watch these examples of French accents. Talk along.

Your Mother was a Hamster and Your Father Smelt of Elderberries!

Fleur Delacour



Amy Walker

Jean Dujardin

Don't pay attention to this article.