Tim Paci


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Location: ML 254B

Tim Paci.Tim Paci holds a bachelor’s degree in English and history and a master’s degree in English from McMaster University; he also completed doctoral coursework and comprehensive examinations in the University of Waterloo’s Department of English Language and Literature before turning to teaching full-time. Among Tim’s primary interests are the democratic classroom and the influence of stories and language on meaning-making. These interests inform all of Tim’s teaching in speech communication and have led to his teaching children’s literature in the Department of English at St. Jerome’s University. Tim is also the co-founder and owner of the Business of Writing, a written and oral communication partnership active in University of Waterloo staff training and continuing education. Tim’s recent efforts have focused on course design across disciplines. He has recently designed and launched a speech communication course for arts and business students and co-designed and offered a similar course for accountancy students. Tim also coordinates the Department’s multi-sectional “Introduction to Public Speaking.” With Shannon Hartling, Tim is currently working on a paper on interdepartmental collaboration in undergraduate education growing from their work in teaching speech communication to accountancy students.  

Recent Courses Taught

  • SpCom 100, Interpersonal Communication
  • SpCom 111, Leadership and Communication
  • ArBus (SpCom) 204, Leadership, Teams, and Communication
  • SpCom 223, Introduction to Public Speaking
  • SpCom 225, Interviewing
  • SpCom 227, Leadership
  • SpCom 325, Organizational Communication
  • SpCom 431, Crisis Communication
  • Engl 208C, Studies in Children’s Literature
  • Engl 217, Canadian Children’s Literature
  • Arts 101, Foundations for Writing
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