Teaching and learning

DAC faculty areas of expertise and teaching

Karen Collins specializes in sound and music for media, especially film and games. She teaches sound design (DAC 203) and interactive game design (DAC 305) for the Digital Arts Communication program.

Animation on computer

David Goodwin specializes in digital storytelling, especially in machinima, as well as the design of images in interactive environments.  He teaches text and image design (DAC 201) and digital storytelling (DAC 302). In DAC 302, Digital Storytelling, students learn to storyboard, script, and then produce short movies. These movies are "born digital" -- everything is created by and for the computer using a game-engine, or in this case, a design program called "MovieStorm." In this movie, the students wanted to adapt and update the story of Aesop's fable, "The Hare with Many Friends."

Jill Tomasson Goodwin specializes in communication design and user experience design.  She teaches user experience design (DAC 309) and digital presentations (DAC 329). For their class project with UWaterloo's Marketing and Undergraduate Recruitment office, the user experience design class interviewed high school students to gauge their interest in augmented reality. This research supported the 2014 UWaterloo viewbook, demonstrated in this video.

Read more about the DAC 309 class project with the University of Waterloo and Layar.

Glenn Stillar specializes in moving images, photography, and sound design. He teaches videography (DAC 202 and DAC 308). This vimeo link introduces some of his DAC 202 student work.