Why study Theatre and Performance?

In Theatre and Performance, you can explore your passion for theatre and performance while you develop real-world skills.

Waterloo's Theatre and Performance program lets you thrive on your creativity while discovering new knowledge and skills for life and work beyond university.

Theatre and performance are ways of experiencing and understanding ourselves in relation to others. In courses on performance, performance studies, theatre and new media, film studies, technical theatre, dramaturgy, design, and theatre history, we explore theatre and performance in a wide range of embodied, mediated, and theoretical contexts. Our students learn to implement creative ideas in real-life situations and to analyze their impact in our communities.

After studying Theatre and Performance at Waterloo, our students have gone on to work as theatre artists, to study in graduate programs, and to launch careers in sectors as wide ranging as the commercial technology industry, the not-for-profit cultural sector, and the public education system. With their creativity, and their ability to think critically, conduct research, work independently, collaborate productively, and deliver concrete outcomes on tight budgets and deadlines, our students have the range of interdisciplinary skills they need to become leaders in our rapidly-changing world.