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The lake workshop on improving weather forecasting models using satellite data assimilation was held on Tuesday April 11, 2017 at University of Waterloo. The aim of the workshop was to focus on assimilation of remotely-sensed data on lake surface state in pre-operational Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) for improvement of the weather forecast in the Canadian Global Environmental Multi-scale Model (GEM). During the workshop, the gaps in current NWP models and how these could be addressed in future has been discussed. The workshop is supported by the Water Institute.

Here are the agenda and the presentations of the workshop as following:

- Session 1: Stephane_Belair, Alain_Caya

- Session 2: Philippe_Van_Cappellen, Laura_Rontu, Jia_Wang

- Session 3: Claude_Duguay, Andrea_Scott, James_Kessler, Ayumi_Manome

Please see the workshop_pictures as below.