Earth Sciences PhD student wins the J. Alan George Student Leadership Award

Monday, December 18, 2017

Jennifer MeadJennifer Mead, a Ph.D. candidate in Earth and Environmental Sciences with Prof. Sherry Schiff, has received the University’s J. Alan George Student Leadership Award. The graduate scholarship is awarded annually to select students within their first three terms for outstanding scholarship and student leadership.

Mead started her PhD degree last spring after having defended her MSc in May. She received a President’s Outstanding Scholar-Athlete Award in 2015, earning the top female graduate student designation with a 93 per cent grade point average while playing varsity field hockey for the Waterloo Warriors.

Her Master’s project with Prof. Schiff focused on how dissolved organic carbon (DOC) photodegrades, leading to either the evasion of carbon dioxide from lakes or the sequestration of carbon into sediments and the role of environmental parameters, such as iron and pH, on degradation rates.

Mead will be doing similar work for her PhD but on a broader scale as part of an NSERC Strategic Partnership Grant. Once again, she will still be studying the interactions of the iron and DOC cycles but with a focus on DOC providing the iron necessary for cyanobacteria to dominate the biomass in harmful algal blooms.

Mead also received a Player of the Year award from the Waterloo Varsity Field Hockey team this past weekend and was named captain of the team for the second year in a row.