Students from across UWaterloo plus Bergen, Norway attend monthly GeoFLEx event

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The University of Waterloo Geophysical Society (UWGS) held their monthly Geophysical Field Learning Exercise (GeoFLEx) event on March 28, 2017 featuring Troy De Souza, Training Manager at Sensors and Software in Mississauga Ontario.

They began with a lecture about ground penetrating radar (GPR), followed by a pizza lunch, and then ending off with a demonstration of some of Sensors and Software's latest GPR technology.

During the lecture session, the group had the pleasure of live streaming the presentation to the Society of Exploration Geophysicists Student Chapter at the University of Bergen, Norway.

University of Waterloo Geophysical Society's monthly GeoFLex event brought together 45 students to learn about geophysics.About 20-25 Waterloo students from the faculties of Engineering, Science, Environment and Arts attended the event, with an additional 15-20 students participating from Norway (pictured together above).

“We had a great turnout, and we received some very positive feedback,” says Max Salman, President of the UWGS and master’s student in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences. “It’s exciting to see the synergy when students from other fields and other countries meet and learn together.”

The next GeoFLEx event on Friday, April 28th wlll feature geophysics demonstrations from EARTH 671 Graduate Hydrogeology Field School.