André Unger.

André Unger

Associate Professor, Sustainable Water Resource Management

André Unger studies how municipalities can sustainably manage their water resources and infrastructure using a variety of tools, including groundwater and surface water modeling, and water infrastructure asset management tools.

Philippe Van Cappellen

Philippe Van Cappellen

Canada Excellence Research Chair Laureate in Ecohydrology

Philippe Van Cappellen leads an interdisciplinary research team focusing on the processes, both natural and human-driven, that control water quality along the hydrological cycle. 

Barry Warner.

Barry Warner

Professor, Wetland Ecology and Paleoecology (Earth and Environmental Sciences Teaching Fellow)

Barry Warner studies the dynamics of natural, restored, and created wetlands using a variety of ecological and paleoecological indicators. These methods are used to study wetland ecosystems across a variety of spatial scales and temporal scales.

Chris Yakymchuk.

Chris Yakymchuk

Associate Professor, Petrology and Economic Geology

Chris Yakymchuk studies how mountain chains form through the process of plate tectonics.

Randy Stotler

Associate Professor, Water Resource Sustainability, Hydrogeology, and Isotope Geochemistry

Randy Stotler conducts research on water resource availability and sustainability, the effects of changes in climate and land use to the critical zone, and the origin and evolution of fluids in the earth's crust.

Jenine McCutcheon

Jenine McCutcheon

Assistant Professor, Geomicrobiology

Jenine McCutcheon studies microbe-mineral-fluid interactions in natural and engineered environments. She aims to understand how small-scale biogeochemical processes influence large-scale systems, with a particular focus on utilizing these reaction pathways to solve environmental challenges.

Yuri Leonenko

Yuri Leonenko

Associate Professor, Geological Engineering

Yuri Leonenko studies how we can best capture and store CO2 into underground formations in order to limit the increasing impact of global warming. His research involves understanding the complex multi-phase flows and transport phenomena that regulate how CO2 behaves in the porous subsurface.

Chris Parsons

Chris Parsons

Research Assistant Professor, Nutrient Cycling in Freshwater Sediments

Chris Parsons studies how naturally occurring chemical and biological processes in sediments and surface water change the chemical form, availability and toxicity of nutrients and contaminants.

Thai Phan

Thai Phan

Assistant Professor, Metal Isotope Geochemistry

Thai Phan’s research interests mainly focus on understanding water-rock interactions and other geological and environmental processes associated with water cycles in both natural and engineered natural systems.