David Blowes.

David Blowes

Canada Research Chair in Groundwater Remediation

David Blowes develops improved techniques for the prediction, remediation and prevention of groundwater contamination, including metals, metalloids, pathogens, nutrients and emerging contaminants.

Shaun Frape.

Shaun Frape

Professor, Inorganic Geochemistry

Shaun Frape studies groundwater flow, specializing in isotopic tracers used to follow contaminants being transported in natural systems. He studies both deep groundwater systems as well as interactions between groundwater, lakes and rivers on local and regional scales.

Distinguished Professor Emeritus Emil O. Frind

Emil O. Frind

Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Groundwater (modelling)

Emil O. Frind pioneered the field of quantitative groundwater science and over his career he has been a leader in the development of modelling methodologies for groundwater processes.

Bob Gillham.

Bob Gillham

Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Groundwater

Robert Gillham is one of Waterloo's most recognised research scientists in the field of groundwater remediation. His invention of the reactive permeable barrier is used worldwide today.

Walter Illman.

Walter Illman

Professor, Physical and Contaminant Hydrogeology

Walter Illman specializes in groundwater hydrology, both in the saturated and unsaturated zones.

He uses mathematical modeling, laboratory and field experiments to understand contaminant transport and natural degradation of organic contaminants in groundwater.

Carol Ptacek.

Carol J. Ptacek

Professor, Contaminant Hydrology and Geochemistry, University Research Chair in Earth & Environmental Sciences

Dr. Carol Ptacek conducts research on a variety of topics in contaminant hydrogeology and geochemistry, including studies on mechanisms controlling the fate and transport of metals, nutrients, pathogens, organic compounds in groundwater.

Will Robertson.

Will D. Robertson

Research Associate Professor, Groundwater Contamination

Will Robertson studies the physical hydrogeology and geochemistry of contaminated groundwater.

David L. Rudolph.

David L. Rudolph

Professor, Groundwater

David Rudolph carries out research in groundwater management with a focus on innovative ways to monitor water resources in the face of changing land use and climate.

Edward Sudicky.

Edward Sudicky

Professor Emeritus, Quantitative Hydrogeology

A world expert on quantitative and integrated hydrosystem modelling, Ed Sudicky is a Fellow of both the Royal Society of Canada and the Canadian Academy of Engineering.

André Unger.

André Unger

Associate Professor, Sustainable Water Resource Management

André Unger studies how municipalities can sustainably manage their water resources and infrastructure using a variety of tools, including groundwater and surface water modeling, and water infrastructure asset management tools.

Randy Stotler

Associate Professor, Water Resource Sustainability, Hydrogeology, and Isotope Geochemistry

Randy Stotler conducts research on water resource availability and sustainability, the effects of changes in climate and land use to the critical zone, and the origin and evolution of fluids in the earth's crust.