Mario Coniglio.

Mario Coniglio

Department Chair; Professor Emeritus, Carbonate Petrology

Dr. Coniglio's research focused on the chemical and physical changes that occur when carbonate sediments turn into limestone and dolomite. He has been involved in research projects across Canada, as well as in the Caribbean, South America, Egypt, Oman, Iran, Italy, and the United States.

Tony Endres.

Tony Endres

Associate Professor, Geophysics (Associate Chair, Undergraduate)

Tony Endres uses hydrogeophysical techniques to characterize near surface hydrological processes, such as soil moisture, evapotranspiration, freeze-thaw cycles, groundwater recharge and nutrient transport, as well as freshwater ice and seasonal snowpacks

John Johnston.

John Johnston

Assistant Professor, Sedimentology/Stratigraphy

John Johnston aims to identify natural patterns and trends involving sediment, lake water levels, and climate to help predict future scenarios for some of the largest freshwater resources on Earth.

Paul F. Karrow.

Paul F. Karrow

Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Quaternary Geology

Professor Karrow's research focuses on Quaternary history, mainly through understanding the glacial sedimentary record and their contained fossils.

Brian Kendall.

Brian Kendall

Associate Professor, Canada Research Chair in Redox-Sensitive Metal Isotope Geochemistry (Tier 2)

Brian Kendall uses isotopes (both metal stable isotopes and radiogenic isotopes) to study a wide variety of geochemical processes, including the evolution of Earth's atmosphere and oceans and the formation of and exploration for petroleum and ore deposits.

Alan Morgan.

Alan V. Morgan

Professor Emeritus, Quaternary Geology and Paleontology

Alan Morgan was an international expert in Quarternary geology, mapping and studying past permafrost structures in Britain and Canada. He also specialized in Quarternary entomology, the study of fossilised beetles as a way to reconstruct past climate conditions.

Martin Ross

Martin Ross

Associate Professor, Applied Quaternary Science, Associate Dean Graduate Studies

Martin Ross aims to understand the Earth’s recent past; more specifically, the glaciations of the Quaternary Period, which encompasses the last 2.6 million years of Earth’s history.

Philippe Van Cappellen

Philippe Van Cappellen

Canada Excellence Research Chair Laureate in Ecohydrology

Philippe Van Cappellen leads an interdisciplinary research team focusing on the processes, both natural and human-driven, that control water quality along the hydrological cycle. 

Chris Yakymchuk.

Chris Yakymchuk

Associate Professor, Petrology and Economic Geology

Chris Yakymchuk studies how mountain chains form through the process of plate tectonics.