Applied and engineering geology profiles

Maurice Dusseault.

Maurice B. Dusseault

Professor, Engineering Geology

Maurice Dusseault carries out research in petroleum geomechanics (drilling, hydraulic fracturing, reservoir geomechanics), and is a world expert on new production methods, deep waste sequestration in sedimentary basins, and reservoi

Stephen Evans.

Stephen G. Evans

Professor, Geological Engineering

Stephen Evans is interested in the occurrence and behavior of natural hazards , with a focus on  catastrophic landslides, landslide dams, glacial hazards, and tsunamis

Martin Ross

Martin Ross

Associate Professor, Applied Quaternary Science, Associate Dean Graduate Studies

Martin Ross aims to understand the Earth’s recent past; more specifically, the glaciations of the Quaternary Period, which encompasses the last 2.6 million years of Earth’s history.

Yuri Leonenko

Yuri Leonenko

Associate Professor, Geological Engineering

Yuri Leonenko studies how we can best capture and store CO2 into underground formations in order to limit the increasing impact of global warming. His research involves understanding the complex multi-phase flows and transport phenomena that regulate how CO2 behaves in the porous subsurface.