Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researchers profiles

Distinguished Professor Emeritus Emil O. Frind

Emil O. Frind

Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Groundwater (modelling)

Emil O. Frind pioneered the field of quantitative groundwater science and over his career he has been a leader in the development of modelling methodologies for groundwater processes.

Bob Gillham.

Bob Gillham

Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Groundwater

Robert Gillham is one of Waterloo's most recognised research scientists in the field of groundwater remediation. His invention of the reactive permeable barrier is used worldwide today.

Edward Sudicky.

Edward Sudicky

Professor Emeritus, Quantitative Hydrogeology

A world expert on quantitative and integrated hydrosystem modelling, Ed Sudicky is a Fellow of both the Royal Society of Canada and the Canadian Academy of Engineering.