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Elementary teachers

Elementary School Programs

Children participating in the Fossil Fish activity 

We welcome your interest in programs for your class! We offer various programs that we have tailored to Ontario curriculums. All programs are free of charge! For elementary level students, our programs usually consist of a focused presentation on the topic of your choice, an activity such as digging for fossil fish or dressing up for mining, and a general tour of the museum. Our programs are best suited for students in Kindergarten to grade 6, with speciality. Below you can see a description of each program, and the curriculum specific topics they address:

Grade level Program Description Time (hrs)
Kindergarten and up DINOSAURS AND FOSSILS Learn about dinosaurs! Meet Albertosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Tyrannosaurus and the rest of their friends. You will see full sized skeletons and be able to touch real dinosaur fossils. 1.5

Discover where all the water in the world can be found on Earth. Play our Great Lakes 3-D model game and explore the Surface Water Sandbox. Visit the interactive Pop-Bottle display and investigate water conservation. Program includes a water taste test - is bottled really better?

Grade 4 and up ROCKS AND MINERALS Learn about minerals, rocks, and erosion. Includes touchable specimens and hands on activities. This program includes the exploration of our mine tunnel (where you get to dress up like a miner) and your choice of digging for fossil fish or panning for real gold. 2
Grade 5 and up NATURAL DISASTERS Explore Earth’s natural disasters from volcanoes to hurricanes. Build and test your own structure in our earthquake simulator. 2

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