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Secondary School Programs

The following tours (with the exception of Rocks, Minerals and Microscopes and Geology of Ontario) can come to your school and be performed in your classroom or if you chose to come to the University of Waterloo we can extend the program to include any of the following combinations:

  • Earth Sciences Museum tour (1 hour)
  • Peter Russell Rock Garden lunch with scavenger hunt (45 minutes)
  • Campus tour (2 hour)
  • Department of Science tour (1 hour)
  • Observe a first year lecture (1 hour)

Please note: All program and tour times are suggested but can be flexible depending on your schedule.

Program Description Curriculum Connection Time (hrs)

Canadian Energy Resources

This is an action packed game that your class will want to play more than once! First, learn about Canada’s energy resources: type, use, and relative value.  Second, maximize your provincial income and resources, while providing for your population!




Water Resource Sustainability

Students will learn about ground water/surface water interactions using a variety of learning tools, including a 3D sandbox, while learning about the Grand River and Great Lakes watersheds. Students will see the impacts humans have on watersheds and learn about ways to reduce these negative impacts.




1 hour in the classroom


2 hours at the museum

Geochemistry in Water Resources

How does water move in the environment? How do we maintain, protect and clean this essential resource? This geochemistry workshop will explore the answers to these questions through local case studies, a hands on lab experiment and working Geochemistry lab tour in the Earth & Environmental Sciences Department.




1 hour in the classroom


2 hours at the museum

Rocks, Minerals and Microscopes

A hands-on, wide-eyed examination of where our Canadian rock and mineral resources come from, how we know what they are worth, and what products they are in. Students will investigate the properties and characteristics of rocks and minerals first hand through the microscope activity.



Geology of Ontario Touring the replica mine tunnel and the Peter Russell Rock Garden, learn about the Geology of Ontario, geologic processes, minerals found in Ontario and the history of mining and how it has shaped our province.  SES 4U 1

How to book a tour

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All museum tours are free but transportation costs still exist. The PDAC's Mining Matters program has a field trip subsidy that you can apply for.

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Feel free to email the Earth Sciences Museum for general inquiries.

Or contact by phone: (519) 888-4567 ext. 35633

For directions to the museum: Visit Us

Museum hours

Conestoga Rovers Learning Centre (the “Dino pit”) open Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

The museum’s main atrium, mining tunnel, Great Lakes fountain and stunning mineral exhibits open all day Monday to Friday and weekends from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Peter Russell Rock Garden (located outdoors) open to the public year round. Self-guided tours are available.

Admission is free! For more information, see Visit Us.

Scavenger hunts for kids ages 6 to 12+