Adrian Mellage

PhD Student

AdrianMy research combines soil and groundwater biogeochemistry and geophysics in order to non-invasively monitor subsurface reactive processes (e.g. organic carbon degradation, microbial dynamics, and mineral precipitation/dissolution). Using geophysical techniques provides in situ information at high spatial and temporal resolution offering a comparatively inexpensive alternative to comprehensively characterize reactive processes.

Research themes:

  • Non-target geophysical monitoring of soil reactive hotspots in fluctuating water table environments
  • Reactive transport modeling of carbon degradation and coupled elemental cycling (O, Fe, S) in the soil vadose zone
  • Coupling reactive transport modeling with geophysical datasets to establish direct links between specific reactive processes and geophysical signal variations
  • Using spectral induced polarization as a means to monitor microbial dynamics in porous media
Office: PHY 3009
Phone: 519-888-4567 ext. 30012

Advisory Committee

University of Waterloo

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