Research Assistant

Photo of Ariel LisogorskyMy research focuses on the phosphorus (P) transformations, speciation, bioavailability, retention and mobilization within stormwater bioretention cells in cold climates. My research objectives are to:

  • determine changes in P speciation and fate within bioretention cells in response to freeze-thaw cycles and extreme hydrological events
  • identify the main mechanisms driving P behavior in bioretention cells under current winter conditions and predict performance changes as a result of climate change
  • improve the urban storm water management models by incorporating dynamic bioretention cell performance based on climatic and hydrologic conditions relevant to cold regions

The results of this project will improve the watershed-scale understanding of the biogeochemical processes and transformations of P in urban settings.

Start Date: May 2020


Office: EIT 2007

Phone: 519-888-4567 ext. 32977

University of Waterloo