Postdoctoral Fellow

Bijendra Bajrachary in a field

My research interest is to understand the pathways of organic matter degradation under diverse
redox environments. To identify this phenomenon, I also study the role of the microbial communities (including hydrolytic enzymes and bioenergetics) and changes in geochemistry. I also wish to understand the emission of greenhouse gases due to the result of these dynamic environments. I am involved in laboratory experiments, modeling as well as in field works to
achieve my goal.

My current work focus is on:
1. The influence of fluctuating redox conditions on overall biogeochemical turnover, seeking the answer whether variation of aerobic and anaerobic environment aids the efficiency of the microbial communities in the degradation of natural complex substrates.
2. Develop a model considering bioenergetics constraints to understand microbial communities dynamics in natural aquifers and use this conceptual model to illustrate the degradation of cellulose. 

Office: EIT 2004

Phone: 519-888-4567 ext. 31325



University of Waterloo

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