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Photo of Eunji ByunMy research interests lie in paleoecology and wetland carbon cycle. These two were embraced in one of my PhD projects, which I most enjoyed working on as well as a reminder to me of the importance of wetland ecosystems in global carbon cycle throughout the Earth’s climate history, for both short (wetland net carbon source or sink? it depends) and long term (more likely sink, especially with peat!). Earlier for my master's degree, I studied winter trapping of greenhouse gases under the frozen-ground using soil core profiles from permafrost-influenced peatlands in Alaska.
I joined the Ecohydrology group on September 2020 and am currently participating in a research project, "winter carbon losses in wetland ecosystems under current and future climates", funded by NSERC's Advancing Climate Change Science (ACCS). For this project, I am primarily interested in improving the temperature sensitivity parameters for the winter wetland soil respiration (main source of net ecosystem carbon loss in a year), and hopefully, the results will be incorporated in the next version of Canadian model for peatlands (CaMP) that will hold importance in Generic Carbon Budget Model (GCBM) of Canada. Also, I am involved in a research collaboration to develop a site-level machine learning prediction model for on-going and future non-growing season carbon losses from Canadian northern peatland (site to be determined) by rapidly changing winter climate conditions.

University of Waterloo
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