Postdoctoral Fellow

Kunfu PiMy study interests cover the sediment-water interaction and its constraints on the hydrogeochemistry of geo-contaminants (As, F, I, U) in groundwater, the interactions among organic matter, S and Mn/Fe minerals and consequent influence on the fate of environmentally relevant trace elements in the near-surface environments, the design of environmental biosensors for on-site detection of toxic metals and geo-contaminants, as well as the development of in-situ remediation technologies for polluted groundwater. I am trained in the combined utilization of field investigation, laboratory experiments and reactive-transport modeling to look into the geochemical reaction network governing the mobilization and transport of geo-contaminants in the subsurface environments. 

Specific topics in which now I am interested include: 

  • The geochemical cycling of sulfur in the groundwater system and its control on the mobilization/immobilization of geo-contaminants 
  • The interactions between organic matter and Mn/Fe minerals in near-surface environments and its response to cryoturbation 
  • The application of environmental biosensors for quick, on-site determination of mercury and arsenic species in porewater and groundwater

Office: EIT 2003

Phone: 519-888-4567 ext. 37968


University of Waterloo

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