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Research Interests


Nutrients cycles and eutrophication, especially the biogeochemical processes at water- sediment interface that control the internal loading of nutrients.

Si biogeochemistry on biological timescale, especially the recycling of Si at surface sediments: the dominant mechanisms that control the recycling rate.

Redox conditions and their effects on the elemental ratio, direction and magnitude of nutrients (including Fe, Si and P) internal loading: unraveling the mechanisms and quantifying the fluxes.

My current research now mainly focus on the internal loading of nutrient Si in lentic freshwater systems.  Despite being the second most abundant element in Earth’s crust, silicon can be limited nutrient in surface water by diatom consumption. Si depletion may shift phytoplankton species composition from diatom to non-diatom, which will consequently influence the organic matter burial rates and water quality. Internal loading, which is not easy to measure directly, can be one of the main Si source in water body. My aims are to unravel the mechanisms of internal loading of Si by studying the reactive particulate Si end-members in sediments, quantify and predict the internal loading of Fe, Si and P in different freshwater systems using a dynamic coupled model, and evaluate the effectiveness of treatment plan for eutrophication.

Office: EIT 2008

Phone: 519-888-4567 ext. 30214


Curriculum Vitae

Advisory Committee

Dr. Philippe Van Cappellen (supervisor)

Dr. Chris Parsons (co-supervisor)

Dr. Raoul-Marie Couture

Dr. William Taylor

Dr. Fereidoun Rezanezhad

University of Waterloo

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