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Mahyar ShafiiI am a Water Resources Engineering PhD graduate from University of Waterloo.  The main theme in my past and current research is the analysis of water resources systems through the development and application of numerical models (hydrological and biogeochemical), quantitative analyses (e.g., inferential statistics, optimization techniques, scaling algorithms, etc.), high performance parallel computing (e.g., using clusters such as SHARCNET), etc. I am interested in evaluating the cumulative impacts of multiple stressors (e.g., climate change, land use change, urbanization, contamination from industrial and wastewater runoff, etc.) on aquatic ecosystems. Moreover, I am keen on using nutrients data collected within watersheds/streams as well as reactive transport modeming to gain understanding on nutrients dynamics (especially in agro-ecosystems), on the controls on watersheds’ biogeochemical responses (including physiology, climate, and land use and management), and on how these processes and controls are properly implemented in integrated mathematical models. In my current project (reactive transport modeling of nitrogen in the Grand River Watershed) I have developed a coupled hydrological-nitrogen model to provide management options for nitrogen delivery from the watershed to Lake Erie in the presence of climate change. 

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