Visiting PhD Student

Photo of Qianlin ZhengI am a Ph.D. student with a background in hydrogeology. My research interests are focused on:

  • Nitrogen cycle in groundwater-surface water interaction zone
  • Migration and transformation of nitrogen in groundwater
  • Causes and prevention measures of nitrogen pollution in groundwater
  • Identification of critical source area of agricultural non-point source pollution in the basin scale
  • Nitrogen budget of agroecosystems in the basin scale

My current research project focuses on the nitrogen removal process in hyporheic zone and its effect on basin nitrogen cycle.

There are three main objectives of my project:

1) to identify the nitrogen removal capacity of hyporheic zone and its key influencing factors;

2) to reveal the nitrogen removal mechanism of hyporheic zone by in-depth studying on denitrification and anammox process;

3) to quantitatively evaluate the contribution of nitrogen removal in hyporheic zone on the basin scale.

By achieving these objectives, I hope to obtain a better understanding of nitrogen removal mechanism in the hyporheic zone and provide a theoretical foundation for the control of nitrogen pollution in groundwater and surface water.

University of Waterloo

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