Research Assistant


Photo of Riley MillsMy research is focused on the transport and transformation of organic matter (OM) in the hyporheic zones of rivers. Hyporheic zones are transition zones in which water flows through the riverbed and is exchanged between the river and ground water. The processing of OM in hyporheic zones can influence both river water chemistry and biogeochemical cycling. As OM decomposes, it may release nutrients and provide energy to microorganisms (which carry out the reactions that drive biogeochemical nutrient cycles). Knowledge of OM processes gained from my laboratory experiments will contribute to the development of a model that predicts the transport and transformation of OM in hyporheic zones. My research will inform the development of nutrient management and river management strategies, both of which are required to balance the needs of aquatic ecosystems with human demands for drinking water supply, agricultural production, and hydroelectric power generation.

Project Affiliation: Winter Soil Processes in Transition

Start Date: May 2020

Office: EIT 2005

Phone: 519-888-4567 ext. 31798


University of Waterloo