Postdoctoral Fellow

Saeid Standing beside lakeThe primary area of my research is Water Resources and Environmental Remediation. I have employed reactive transport and mass transfer models as well as field and laboratory experiments to explore fate and transport of subsurface contaminants resulted from different sources such as petroleum hydrocarbons and landfill leachate.

An active area of my research is about the transfer of petroleum hydrocarbons from the vadose zone to groundwater in coastal aquifers that is a collaborative research project between University of Waterloo and Qatar University. The aim is to determine how hydrocarbons behave in soils experiencing high water level fluctuations and high salinities, that is, conditions that are typical for coastal aquifers. It is expected to provide insight into bioremediation of petroleum-contaminated (semi)-arid coastal regions under oscillating aerobic and redox conditions.

My research has been also focused on the application of computational fluid dynamic (CFD) methods to understand diffusional transport within multi-component NAPLs. I have theoretically and experimentally investigated compositional changes at the interface and within the multi-component NAPLs to develop insights into their mass transfer and chemical oxidation in subsurface systems.  

My areas of interest include studies on:

• Organic Contaminant Hydrogeology

• Soil and groundwater remediation through the use of field and laboratory experiments

• Analysis of water flow and reactive transportation

• Mass transfer processes of contaminants in soil and groundwater

• Nutrient cycles, climate and land use change impacts on water quality at multiple scales

University of Waterloo

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