Stephane Ngueleu

Postdoctoral Fellow

Stephane NgueleuMy research interest is on the fate and transport of contaminants (such as pesticides, petroleum hydrocarbons, metals, fertilizers and landfill leachate) in the subsurface environment. I use the combination of field and controlled laboratory experiments and numerical modelling to better understand the physical and biogeochemical processes that control fate and transport of these contaminants and attempt to suggest solutions for environmental protection and remediation.

My areas of interest include:

  • Impacts of activities related to the agricultural and oil and gas sectors on aquatic ecosystems and groundwater quality.
  • Colloid transport and colloid-facilitated transport of sorbing compounds in the subsurface.
  • Nutrient biogeochemical responses to groundwater and surface water interactions.

My current research project is on groundwater pollution by petroleum-derived contaminants in coastal (semi)-arid environment, a collaborative research project between University of Waterloo and Qatar University. In this project, I am conducting laboratory experiments under field-relevant conditions to understand the role of water table fluctuations on the coupled hydrological and biogeochemical processes that affect the degradation and partitioning of petroleum hydrocarbons. I am also developing a reactive transport model framework to simulate the fate and transport of petroleum hydrocarbons from the vadose zone to groundwater in (semi)-arid coastal environment.

Curriculum Vitae

Office: EIT 2004

Phone: 519-888-4567 ext. 31325 

University of Waterloo

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