Visiting PhD Student (Tianjin University)

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I am a Ph.D. student with a background in geochemistry. My research interests are focused on:

  • Carbon cycle in karst river-reservoir system using δ13C and D14C
  • Cascade damming effect on DIC、PIC and DOC
  • CO2 emissions from karst cascade hydropower reservoirs: Mechanisms and reservoir effect
  • Damming effect on nutrient transport and transformation. Hydrologic controls on characteristics of temporal and spatial distribution of major ion chemistry in river-reservoir system. In the future, I hope to use the hydrology model to show the carbon cycle and hydrochemical characteristics in the river-reservoir system

My current research project focuses on the damming effect on carbon transport and transformation in river-reservoir system and cascade reservoirs in regional and global scale.

There are three main objectives of my project:

  1. to explore the processes that affect carbon behavior in different regions of the karst river reservoir system
  2. to reveal the cascade damming effect on dissolved inorganic carbon and greenhouse gas emissions based on the hydrological models.
  3. to investigate the biogeochemical processes controlling the spatial trends in PIC and DIC (and by extension, pCO2) concentrations throughout the karst river-reservoir system using dual carbon isotopes (D14C, d13C), SEM-EDS, and geochemical and biophysical parameters.

The results of this project will improve the understanding of the biogeochemical processes and transformations of carbon in river reservoir system. Moreover, this project not only enriches the understanding of the regulation of the hydrologic regime for carbon transport and transformation in cascade reservoirs but also further provides theoretical support for the reservoir regulation to reduce CO2 emissions, especially in the karst regions.

University of Waterloo

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