Cootes Paradise Marsh, 2012 to present

Eutrophication in Cootes Paradise

Cootes Paradise Marsh suffers from extensive summer algal growth due to nutrient excess, particularly phosphorus. An ongoing study here aims to improve our understanding of how and when the sediment switches between acting as a sink of nutrients to becoming a source.

Beach Project, Summer-Fall 2013


Sampling of urban and rural beaches along Lakes Ontario and Huron to determine the groundwater contribution of nutrient and fecal contamination to the Great Lakes. Click the title for more information.

Lake Killarney, August 22-24, 2013

Lake KillarneyClick the title for a photo diary by Dr. David O'Connell. Special thanks to Dr. Diane Orihel for her invaluable help before, during, after the trip.

Lake 227, August 18-22, 2013

David O'ConnellClick the title for a photo diary by Dr. David O'Connell.

rare Charitable Research Reserve, 2012-present


A three-year study of riparian-aquifer interactions and their influence on riparian biogeochemistry along Bauman creek. More recently, Ecohydrology researchers have investigated agricultural soil nutrient and carbon dynamics and the biogeochemistry of reactive interfaces at the rare field site.

Beverly Swamp Flood Pulse,
October 2012 to present

Global and Mail article (16 Oct 2013) Ontario swamp faces manufactured flood by TENILLE BONOGUORE.

Three Gorges Reservoir

Great Lakes Plastics Project