Writing and Revision Resources

Two short guides by Victoria Van Cappellen specifically on writing and revising peer-reviewed journal articles:

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Additional Books and Online Articles:

  • Day, Robert A. and Gastel, Barbara (2006) How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper, 6th edition. Greenwood Press, 302 p.               **(4th edition available at the UW Library, Davis Location, Reference Collection, Main Floor (Non-Circulating), Call# T11.D33 1994) 
  • Day, Robert A. (1995) Scientific English, 2nd edition. Oryx Press, 148 p. **(Available at the UW Library, Davis Location, Reference Collection, Main Floor (Non-Circulating), Call# PE1475 .D38 1992)
  • Alley, Michael (1987, 1996) The Craft of Scientific Writing. Prentice-Hall, 225 p.  **(3rd edition available at UW Library, Davis Location, Book Stacks, Main Floor, Call# T11.A37 1996)  
  • Gopen and Swan (1991) The Science of Scientific Writing. Scientific American.
  • University of Waterloo Library Subject Guides

Author and Style Guides for Relevant Journals:

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