World Wetlands Day Symposium: January 31

Ecohydrology poster for World Wetlands Day Symposium, January 31, 2014Thank you for your interest in our World Wetlands Day event! We have seen such a swift and positive response that registration is full, but non-registrants are still welcome to attend the lectures and poster session. If the  lecture room (DC 1302) reaches capacity, you will be able to catch the talks live on a video screen in the adjacent Fishbowl (DC 1301) or ONLINE

Lunch will be served first to registrants and then to non-registrants while supplies last.

The Ecohydrology Research Group invites you to join us at our World Wetlands Day Symposium for a day of wetlands-themed seminars, poster presentations and panel discussions in celebration of World Wetlands Day! The symposium is on Friday, January 31 in the Davis Centre (DC 1302) at the University of Waterloo.

World Wetlands Day marks the date of the adoption of the Convention on Wetlands on February 2nd 1971, in the Iranian city of Ramsar on the shores of the Caspian Sea.

Seminars, posters and panel discussions will be focused on wetlands themes including biogeochemistry, hydrology, ecology, economics and policy. The day's program includes exciting talks by science and policy experts:  

  • Faisal Moola – Director General (Ontario and Northern Canada), David   Suzuki Foundation
  • Kevin Rich - Provincial Policy Specialist, Ducks Unlimited Canada
  • Sheldon Smith - Senior Hydrologist, Stantec
  • Rebecca Rooney – Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, University of Waterloo
  • Jonathan Price – Professor, Department of Geography and Environmental Management, University of Waterloo
  • Prateep Nayak – Assistant Professor, School of Environment, Enterprise and Development, University of Waterloo
  • Mike Waddington – Professor, Department of Geography and Earth Science, McMaster University
  • Tim Moore – Professor, Department of Geography, McGill University

Lunch and refreshments will be provided for all registrants. Students and researchers working on wetlands are encouraged to present their research posters, which will be displayed throughout the day. Student posters will be eligible for a poster competition.  

World Wetlands Day Symposium - PROGRAM
Talks and panel in DC 1302; breaks, posters and reception in the Fishbowl (DC 1301)
Time Speaker Affiliation Title

George Dixon

VP University Research, University of Waterloo Welcome Address
9:15 Mike Waddington McMaster University, School of Geography and Earth Sciences Hot Hot Peat! Ecohydrological vulnerability of northern peatlands to wildfire
9:45 Prateep Nayak University of Waterloo, School of Environment, Enterprise and Development A social-ecological system in crisis: Power, politics and marginalization in Chilika Lagoon, Bay of Bengal, India
10:15 Sheldon Smith Stantec Engineered Wetlands: where we are and where are we going?
10:45                                                                    Break
11:00 Rebecca Rooney University of Waterloo, Department of Biology Wetland function and health: assessment in service of a new Albertan wetland policy
11:30 Jonathan Price University of Waterloo, Department of Geography and Environmental Management Dewatering of the De Beers Victor diamond mine, James Bay Lowland: The role and response of peatlands

Tim Moore

McGill University, Department of Geography Carbon Cycling in Peatlands
12:30                                                                      Lunch
14:00 Faisal Moola David Suzuki Foundation Keynote speaker: "We're richer than we think: recognizing the true value of nature in our lives"
14:45 Kevin Rich Ducks Unlimited Canada Ontario wetlands policy:Where do we go from here?
15:15                                                          PANEL DISCUSSION
16:00                                                     Reception and Poster Session