Theresa Schumilas

Founder of Open Food Network Canada

Theresa Schumilas received her doctoral degree in Geography and Environmental Management in 2014. Her dissertation examined the ways in which China’s unique cultural, environmental, economic, and political context is supporting and restraining the rapid development of a variety of  ‘alternative’ food provisioning networks. Her work was part of the team’s research into China’s ecological food and farming sector. 

Aijuan Chen

Policy Analyst

416-363-6441 x241

Aijuan Chen is currently with Strategic Policy Branch, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC). As a Policy Analyst, her research areas include organic agriculture, farm structure, farm performance, intergenerational farm transfer, and Indigenous people in Canadian agriculture sector. Prior to AAFC, she worked as an Analyst at Statistics Canada for one year, with a focus on data collection and data analysis in the Commodity Section.