PhD candidate


Environment 1-245b, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON, Canada

Danshu Qi comes from China. She has a background of public administration and advertising from her dual bachelor’s degree at Xiamen University, and the co-op experiences at the local human resource ministry and a newspaper office. Interested in China’s social issues, especially food issues, she conducted research concerning the Chinese models of community supported agriculture (CSA) supervised by Professor Weiping Chen, and received a master’s degree in Agriculture Economy at Renmin University of China.

She is now a PhD candidate in Steffanie Scott’s research team at the University of Waterloo. Her research is focusing on China’s ecological food systems and the social impacts on traditional small farmers. She has conducted fieldwork in Nanjing in terms of farming practices and operations of ecological farms, social relations within ecological food sectors, and the role of traditional small farmers. 

University of Waterloo