Postdoctoral fellow


307 Balsillie School of International Affairs, Waterloo, ON, Canada

Zhenzhong Si's research interests range from food security, food safety and food system sustainability to rural development in China. He got his PhD in Geography from the University of Waterloo in 2015. He worked on the Hungry Cities Partnership to examine urban food security, food safety and food policies in Nanjing, China. He is currently a postdoctoral fellow researching the Food Security Impacts of COVID-19 at Balsillie School of International Affairs. 

Zhenzhong has been involved in the extensive research of China's emerging ecological food sector since 2010, as shown in the book "Organic Food and Farming in China: Top-down and Bottom-up Ecological Initiatives". He publishes papers, reports and non-academic articles about alternative food networks, urban food security, food system sustainability, and rural development in China in both English and Chinese journals and magazines such as Agriculture and Human Values, Food Policy, Ecology and Society, Canadian Journal of Development Studies, Journal of Chinese Agricultural University and the Alternatives journal.

Prior to his doctoral research in Canada, Zhenzhong Si got his BA and master's degree from Beijing Normal University in China. He co-founded a LinkedIn discussion group called "China's Changing Food System" with Steffanie Scott and also manages a Twitter account SiChinaFood.

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University of Waterloo