Behnoush Amery

PhD Student

Behnoush Amery.BA and MA (Economics, Shahid Beheshti University); MA (Labour Economics, Concordia University)


Office: HH 236


My PhD thesis focuses on learning models and decision making processes. First, what employers learn about the workers’ education and performance in the job market helps the employers decide to retain, promote, or fire the workers and hire new workers from outside the firm. By taking education and promotion as two signaling devices and considering employer’s belief updating process, my main question is about how the signaling role of education has affected the signaling role of promotion over the years.

Second, what students learn about themselves in school helps them decide to drop out or stay in school. Students update their beliefs about their ability to graduate after receiving any new information about themselves from school or out of school. My main question is how this belief updating process affects dropout decisions.

Research interests

  • Labour economics
  • Economics of education
  • Applied game theory


  • Anindya Sen
University of Waterloo