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CV: Bharat Sud

Research Interests

My research interests are in the areas of long-term effects of marketing strategy on brand performance and cross-category effects of marketing strategy. I am currently working on four projects in these areas. While recent research has examined the impact of different advertising message cues on brand performance, I look at the strategic aspect of managing advertising content, the impact of strategies on brand sales and how the impact changes over time. I prescribe specific strategies for different stages of the product’s life cycle. I am currently preparing the manuscript (based on my dissertation) for submission to the Journal of Marketing Research.

In my second project, my co-authors and I study the effects of actual quality and quality claimed in the brand’s advertising on brand sales. Using field data, an experiment, and an analytical model, we find that actual and claimed quality increase brand sales. However, high-quality brands benefit significantly from emphasizing quality in their advertising, whereas brands with low objective quality do not. The third project I am working on examines the impact of a sales training program (specifically an online training program) on salesperson performance. We find that salespeople that adopt the online training, use it each month, and the amount of training they avail all have a positive impact on their sales performance. In contrast, salespeople that do not adopt face declining sales. Also, the increased performance of the adopters has a feedback effect on their willingness to use, and amount of time they devote to, the system. This manuscript is under preparation for submission to the Journal of Marketing Research. The fourth project I am currently working on examines the effects of presence (incumbency), position (market share), and strategy (advertising and price) of a firm in one product category on the sales of the firm’s brand(s) in a related category. At present, we are collecting data for this project. Building on the umbrella branding, shopping basket, and brand extensions literature, we study different brands of the same firm in two related product categories (minivans and Sports Utility Vehicles). We argue that there are synergies due to presence and strategies across related categories and firms should coordinate and optimize their strategies for related product categories even when using different brands.


  • Kopalle, Praveen K., Robert J. Fisher, Bharat L. Sud, and Kersi D. Antia. "The Effects of Advertised Quality Emphasis and Objective Quality on Sales." Journal of Marketing, forthcoming

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