Alumni profiles

Krishna Patel

Krishna Patel, MA

Advisor, Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Employment

Pin-Te Lin

Pin-Te Lin, MA

PhD Candidate, ANU College of Business and Economics, Australian National University

Chris Bennett

Chris Bennett, MA

Manager, Bates White Economic Consulting

Byron Lee

Byron Lee, MA

Assistant Professor, School of Business, Renmin University, China

Shan Chen

Shan Chen, PhD

Manager, Enterprise Model Risk Management, Royal Bank of Canada

Rob Nicholson

Rob Nicholson, MA

Special Policy Advisor & Executive Assistant, Office of Economic Policy, Ontario Ministry of Finance

Geoff Bowlby

Geoff Bowlby, MA

Director General, Collection and Regional Services, Statistics Canada

Kapil Lakhotia

Kapil Lakhotia, MA

General Manager, London Economic Development Corporation

Irfan Mandozai

Irfan Mandozai, MA

Senior Policy Advisor, Network Programs, Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Employment and the Ministry of Research and Innovation

Wenya Wang

Wenya Wang, MA

PhD Candidate, Department of Economics, University of Western Ontario

Matthew Lo

Matthew Lo

Joint Honours Environment & Business Co-op and Economics, 2014

Matthew is currently an intern at the Fraser Institute in Vancouver. He graduated with a joint honours degree in environment and business and economics.

Mark Bergman, MA

Team Leader, Pricing in the Energy Economics Group, Ontario Ministry of Energy

Samantha St. Amand

Samantha St. Amand, MA

Research Associate, Global Economy Program, Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI)

Ahmad Jiwani

Ahmad Jiwani

Honours BA, Arts & Business and Economics, Co-op, 2013

Ahmad currently works as a Solution Marketing Consultant for SAP. He graduated with Honours Economics in the Arts and Business program.

Emma Bienias

Emma Bienias, MA

Director, Stout Risios Ross, Global Financial Advisory Services

Matthew Breadner

Matthew Breadner, MA

Analyst, Ontario Financing Authority