Krishna Patel, MA

Advisor, Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Employment

Krishna is currently an Advisor at the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Employment, which delivers a range of programs, services and tools to help businesses innovate and compete in the global economy, including business support, youth entrepreneurship programs, strategic investments and international trade and export expertise. Krishna works in the Industry and Investment Division, where her responsibilities include: providing policy advice, sector analysis and recommendations regarding Ontario’s information technology, financial services and life sciences sectors. Krishna received both her Master’s and Bachelor’s in Economics from the University of Waterloo.

What interests and goals led you to graduate studies in economics?

During my undergraduate studies I became fascinated with the multitude of applications of economic theory. My curiosity to learn more about economic theories and their application is what led me to apply for graduate studies in economics.

How has your graduate training in economics impacted your career path?

My graduate training has opened doors to many different career paths, and it has broadened the number of jobs I am qualified for. My graduate training not only provided me with the expertise to be a policy advisor, and an economist, but also provided me with transferable skills such as research, qualitative analysis, critical thinking and problem solving; skills which can be applied to many jobs.

What aspect of Waterloo's economics graduate program did you find most useful in terms of your career?

Co-op and the program's applied approach are what have been very useful for my career. The applied approach of the program has allowed me to take the theories and apply them to my current position while conducting economic impact analysis. The co-op program let me gain hands on experience in the field, and really see how economics is applied in the "real-world", outside of academia.

If you went on co-op how critical do you think it was for your career?

Co-op is the one thing I recommend all students to consider when deciding where they want to go to school. I have done co-op in my undergraduate and graduate studies, and the value you get from the experiences is something no textbook can teach you. Co-op teaches you things you want to pursue in your career, as well as the things you don't want to do. It also is a great way to create your professional network.

Any other comments about the Department? Would you recommend it as a destination for graduate education? if so why?

The economics department at Waterloo has supportive professors who are passionate in the work that they do. They have taken on the responsibility to teach economics and do a great job at it. The professors have an open door policy and are always available to chat. I highly recommend the economics department at Waterloo as a destination for graduate education, because of the supportive network of faculty, staff, and the applied approach the department takes.

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