Matthew Breadner, MA

Analyst, Ontario Financing Authority

Matt is currently an Analyst for the Ontario Financing Authority, which conducts borrowing, investment, and financial risk management for the Province of Ontario. He received both his Master’s and Bachelor's in Economics from the University of Waterloo. Matt works in the Credit Analysis and Rating Relations unit of the Risk Control Division, where his responsibilities include providing policy advice, analysis and recommendations regarding the credit quality of financial companies that the Province of Ontario transacts with.

What interests and goals led you to graduate studies in economics?

During my undergraduate experience I became fascinated with the questions that economics tries to answer, and the implications that those answers had for society. The question of how a complex society allocates its resources appealed to me, and the more I learned the more I wanted to know how economists analyze and understood these issues. This naturally led me to pursue graduate studies in economics.

How has your graduate training in economics impacted your career path?

While working for the Ontario government, I found that an understanding of how public policy and government financial decisions impact the economy was vital. Fortunately, the training I received in graduate studies at Waterloo taught me how to analyze economic problems from a practical and empirical perspective. I quickly discovered that employers in the public sector appreciated the ability to independently analyze, understand, and provide solutions to these problems.

What aspect of Waterloo's economics graduate program did you find most useful in terms of your career?

What I appreciated most about the graduate program at Waterloo was the balance between economic theory and practical application. While I found learning economic theory fascinating, just as interesting was learning different tools to practice that theory; tools that I was then able to bring with me into the workplace.

If you went on co-op how critical do you think it was for your career?

Co-op was crucial to beginning my career. It gave me hands on experience that showed me how economic policy is devised and implemented, and it provided me with work contacts that ultimately led to a job upon graduation.

Any other comments about the Department? Would you recommend it as a destination for graduate education? If so, why?

I found the faculty to be very passionate about their work and extremely interested in engaging with students. The professors were always on hand to answer any questions you might have, and were more than willing to take extra time out of their day to help students with their research or studies. I would certainly recommend Waterloo as a destination for any student interested in graduate studies in economics.

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