W. Robert Needham

Professor Emeriti

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Retired: 2007

Published books and articles in books and journals

  • "Bill Krehm at 100". COMER Journal of the Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform, (In Honour of Bill Krehm Turning 100), Vol. 25, No. 11, November 2013, pp. 4-6.
  • "Milton Friedman and Conservative Economics: Gatekeeper Economics II," Committee On Monetary and Economic Reform (COMER), Vol. 25, No. 4 (April 2013) 1-9
  • "Profit as the Root of All Evil: The Devil is in the Details", COMER, Vol 24, No 12 (December 2012), 7-12.
  • "A Family of Capitalist Values", COMER, Vol. 24, No. 11 (November 2012), 3-9.
  • "The Proper Canadian Nationalism is Ethical", COMER, Vol 24 #10 October 2012,3-6.
  • Gatekeeper Economics 1: Economics, Economy and Society? Conformance with Experience. COMER, Vol 24,#9. September 2012, 3,4.
  • "Is the Function of Mainstream Economics to Avoid the Analysis of Business as War?" COMER, Vol 24,#9, Sept 2012, 7,8, 9.
  • “Some Comments on the Cambridge Paradigm: An Introduction to Modern Economics,” in: The Subtle Anatomy of Capitalism, J.G. Schwartz, ed., (Goodyear Publishing Company, 1977).
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  • “The Last Word: What if the Neo-Classical Model of Costs and Prices is Wrong?” In: W.H. Pope, All you must Know About Economics, Second Edition. (Toronto: Bergandal, 1997).
  • Lerner, Sally, Charles Clark and W. Robert Needham Basic Income: Economic Security for all Canadians, (Toronto: Between the Lines Press, 1999).
  • "Reforming Economics-Ten Quick Steps towards Reality Economics", COMER, (Vol. 20, No. 7, July 2008) 5, 6, 7.
  • Letter to President of the University of Chicago re Establishment of Milton Friedman Institute, COMER (Vol. 21, No. 3, March 2009), 13.

Other Publications

  • “The Regional Economic Base: Concept, Measurement and Forecasting Growth Prospects,” The Concept of a Regional Development Plan, Progress Report: Regional Evaluation Phase, Vol. 1, Co-author, L.P. Fletcher, Planning and Resources Institute, University of Waterloo, 1968.
  • “The Methodology of Programming Capital Expenditures Arising Out of a Regional Development Plan.” The Concept of a Regional Development Plan, Progress Report, Vol. II, Co-author, L.P. Fletcher, Planning and Resources Institute, University of Waterloo, 1970.
  • “Some Comments on 1980 Federal Election Issues,” Prepared for the Waterloo Chamber of Commerce for Publication in the Waterloo Chronicle, Waterloo Chronicle, January 1980. (Issues of 23/01/80; 30/01/80; 06/02/80; 13/02/80)
  • “Current Economic Policy in Canada and an Alternative Economic Strategy,” July 1982. Kitchener-Waterloo Record, September 7, 1982.
  • “The Role of the Universities in the Nuclear Debate,” Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) Bulletin, April 1984, 25-26.
  • “Canada in Crisis: Can Canadians Overcome the Problems that Threaten to Destroy their Country.”  One of five articles in Waterloo Alumni, (Fall 1991). Included with contributions by: Professors John English, History; Donald Horton, History; Terrence J. Downey, Political Science; Sylvia Ostry, University of Waterloo, Chancellor.

Book reviews

  • Societé de Demographie Historique, “Annales de Demographie Historique,” 1969, Villes et Villages de l’Ancienne France,” Journal of Economic History, XXXI(1971), 993-994.
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